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Game on Girl is Back!

April 12, 2018

Hello Everyone. This is Regina from The Geek Embassy.

If you’ve been a fan of the podcast for anytime you know we’ve gone through some changes in the past few years. We started out as the Game on Girl podcast and then expanded to become The Geek Embassy.

Along with the expansion of the site much of our podcast content changed. The Geek Embassy looks at pop culture in a much broader and more topical way, talking about recently released TV shows and movies, books we find interesting, and a Pathfinder campaign written by one of our ambassadors. It’s great content, fun and engaging, but definitely different from where I started on my podcasting journey.

What we haven’t done a lot of lately are interviews and honestly, I’ve been missing that part of podcasting. Really, it was talking about gender and gaming that got me started podcasting in the first place.

So I’ve decided to bring Game on Girl back and to start hosting interviews again. In an effort to prioritize quality over quantity, and to maintain some of my sanity, I will be doing interviews once a month.

But don’t worry! The Geek Embassy will still be doing regular episodes of Watches, Reads, and Plays on its very own podcast feed. You can  Check it out at  

This feed will go back to what it started as, Game on Girl: Conversations about Gaming and this podcast will become part of The Geek Embassy podcast network.

So stay tuned for more great gender and gaming content!

And until next time, game on!